National Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician

THE NATIONAL LICENSED AQUATIC FACILITY TECHNICIAN COURSE IS A COMPLETE CERTIFICATION COURSE FOR PROFESSIONAL SWIMMING POOL OPERATORS AND INCLUDES INSTRUCTION ON: State regulations, swimming pool calculations, filter types and filter selection, circulation systems and pumps, water chemistry including disinfection and balancing, water testing, spas and warm water pools along with aquatic facility management, health, and safety. This course has a combined 14 hours of required reading and videos. There are also 2 hours of credit given for work on Specific State or Local Pool Codes and class Assignments. Many states require that you take a swimming pool operator course in order to operate your pool or spa. This course is designed to meet the requirements of governmental agencies, insurance companies and property managers for certification of swimming pool and spa operators. Cost of this certification program is $249.00 and includes the textbook "The Complete Swimming Pool Reference" authored by Dr. Tom Griffiths and Rachel Griffiths, a certificate suitable for framing and a wallet card. By taking this course you certify that you are the one taking the course and that you will receive no assistance during the final exam. During enrollment process you will be asked several questions about yourself. These questions will show up periodically during the course and you will have to answers these questions to verify your identity during the course. Should you answer one of these questions incorrectly or fail to answer within 60 seconds you will be referred to ASPSA for re-validation before allowing to continue in the course. In addition, before the course begins your identity will be verified by a third party ID Verification service. During this process you will be asked to identify yourself by entering your name, address, etc. You will then be asked several questions from data contained in various databases. This third party verification will only take place prior to beginning the course. At the conclusion of the program you will take a test of 60 questions. You certify that you will not receive any assistance in taking this exam. Failure to achieve a passing grade of 75 will result in test failure, and you must wait 24 hours before retaking the test. You may retake the test at no charge.
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